Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Mission Statement

The role of the Staffordshire Stallions Hall of Fame is to honour individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Stallions Football.

Membership to the Hall of Fame is the highest honour the Staffordshire Stallions can bestow on a former player or coach, therefore the decision to induct is not one that is taken lightly.

The Hall of Fame committee is made up of:
a. Each elected member of the Hall of Fame.
b. The serving Head Coach of the Staffordshire Stallions.
c. The serving President of the Staffordshire Stallions.

Any player, coach or contributor can be put forward for discussion by any current or former player prior to the Staffordshire Stallions annual End Of Year Award Ceremony.
In the case of players, they must have finished their playing career 3 years prior to nomination. The committee will consider each individual nomination privately and diligently.

A maximum of two candidates will enter the Hall on any given year. The committee reserves the right to admit less than two (or none) if they feel it is appropriate.
On special anniversaries (25th, 50th,100th) this may be amended on a case to case basis.

The successful Hall of Fame candidates will be presented at the Staffordshire Stallions End of Year Awards Ceremony / Old Boys Game by an appropriate member of the Hall of Fame.


Judging Criteria

The Hall of Fame is not just for great players. It is for people who have contributed to the Staffordshire Stallions in many different ways and with many different skills. This isn’t to say we ignore the playing career of a nominee, a distinguished and celebrated playing career will only help the consideration of a candidate, but it is not the only thing we look for.

The two key factors for consideration are:

1) Did this person make a lasting positive impact on the Stallions as a team and organisation?
2) Does this candidate represent what it was the BE a Stallion?

This can be determined through many different ways, including but not limited to:

– Raising the on field standards of the Stallions as a player.
– Raising the off field standards of the Stallions as a committee member.
– Recognition at All Star, National and International levels.
– League Awards.
– Contributions to the Stallions as an alumnus.
– Positive promotion of the Stallions values and ethos.



Andrew Brannigan | Linebacker, Defensive Back & Defensive End | 2003-2008
– Great Britain Students Team



Edem Goka | Running Back | 2007-2009
– 2007-2008 BUAFL Northern Offensive MVP

Brett Rosenbaum | Linebacker | 2002-2005



Jason Prince | Quarterback, Running Back | 2003-2006
– 2006 BCAFL League MVP, NFL Europe Trialist

Paul Walsh | Linebacker | 1993-1995

Chris Richards | Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Safety | 2000-2006



Pete Buckley | Offensive Line, Defensive Line | 2004-2009

James Tucker | Offensive Line |



Jermaine Allen | Running Back, Linebacker | 2003-2006
– NFL Europe, NFL (Chicago Bears/New Orleans Saints)

Richard Large | Offensive Line |



James Kilbane | Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Offensive Line, Defensive Line | 1997-2000

Adam Steele | Offensive Line, Defensive Line |



Ant Charles | Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Safety, Head Coach |

Chris Ellis | Running Back, Linebacker |

Stuart Ross | Quarterback, Head Coach |



Andy Calvert | Running Back |

Ziad Choueiri | Running Back | 1998-2004

Alton Jarman | Linebacker | 1992-1994

Andrew Reid | Offensive Line | 1992-1993
– Founding Secretary

Jon Wyse | Quarterback, Defensive Back |
– 1994 BCAFL League MVP